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Common eco beauty mistakes


Your makeup bag is overflowing with natural gems, but are you sure you’re not committing eco mistakes? When getting your green on, there is more to consider than what ingredients are in that fresh new lipstick.

The Meadowsweet range

Meadowsweet´s body product developer on natural beauty


Local natural beauty expert and Meadowsweet body product developer Elma Rivera tells us about her approach What do you make of the latest trends being that of more towards ‘green’?It is great to see the world and its people awakening to what we need to do to look after ourselves, our children and ou


Make your own face masks


To refresh your skin and give it a boost, you don’t need to invest in expensive products. Make your own face masks with ingredients lying in your kitchen. What’s your type? Before you start rummaging through your fruit basket for ingredients you can lather on your face,


Create the perfect smokey eye


Create the perfect smokey eye with this special edition make-up kit from The Body Shop (R199). Ideal as a stocking stuffer, by the way! The key ingredient is Community fair trade marula oil.