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How Meditation Can Make You Lose Weight This Winter


When you read the title of this article, you might have expected advice on how you can sit in silence and magically shed the excess kilos from all the comfort eating you’ve been doing. Although visualisation can be a good thing, the type of meditation we’re talking about it mindful eating.

antioxidant research

Should You Worry About the Latest Antioxidant Cancer Research?


Sometimes health stories contradict themselves. First we hear that some foods are good for us, then that gets thrown on its head, making us worry that what we’re eating is actually hurting us. One of the big stories to shatter our sense of wellbeing is the recent one about how antioxidants can actually be bad when fighting cancer.

fitness tips for the festive season

Fitness during the Festive Season


Many people go into ‘holiday mode’ during the first or second week of December. There are so many work functions, get togethers with friends and family celebrations that the increase in alcohol consumption and eating is to be expected.


The Dangers of Sunscreen


Sunscreen is one of the products you use most often, lathering it on every time you step outside. And if you don’t, learning about the skin dangers that can occur from UV exposure will hopefully prompt you to carry that sunscreen tube everywhere you go. But just because sunscreen protects your skin, it doesn’t mean that all sunscreens are good for you. Research continuously finds reasons why conventional sunscreen can be a danger to your health.

toxic shock syndrome

How Safe Are Women’s Hygiene Products?


An American model has sued feminine hygiene company Kotex after toxic shock syndrome (TSS) resulted in her needing a leg amputation and nearly losing her life. Toxic shock is caused by staph bacteria and has been linked to tampon use for decades.


Can You Detox Your Body Naturally?


Going on a detox can restore your body’s balance and flush out toxins, but sometimes detox diets can be unsafe. If the ones you’ve tried in the past have made you feel sick, you’ve been doing the detox wrong. There are more natural detox tips to choose that will boost your health and make you feel great.


Strong is the New Skinny


Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or all three, you’ve undoubtedly seen the “fitness motivation” pictures that pop up in your social media news feeds. “Strong is the new skinny” is the latest saying, encouraging women to focus on health and strength instead of starvation diets and wafer-thin frames.