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Orthorexia: When Eating Healthy Becomes an Obsession


Many of us have tried different diets and we all know people who are consistently gluten-free, sugar-free, booze-free or living a strict paleo lifestyle. While some people need to follow certain strict diets (like people who have celiac disease and actually feel uncomfortable after eating something that contains gluten), others turn into complete health nuts – and not in a good way.


Why You Should Sweat it!


Dripping with sweat after an intense gym session is not just a tangible sign that you’ve made it through another calorie-burning fest (although that does feel pretty great). Sweating actually has many health benefits you might not realise.

is sugar addictive

Is sugar really addictive?


We’ve all heard of people claiming that they’re “chocoholics” or addicted to a certain kind of treat or dessert. Who doesn’t like a something sweet after a meal? The problem is that for some of us, our taste buds scream for the sweet-tasting, sugary substance that gets flooded into our bodies and blood streams within seconds. Sugar addiction is real and many of us are sufferers.