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is sugar addictive

Is sugar really addictive?


We’ve all heard of people claiming that they’re “chocoholics” or addicted to a certain kind of treat or dessert. Who doesn’t like a something sweet after a meal? The problem is that for some of us, our taste buds scream for the sweet-tasting, sugary substance that gets flooded into our bodies and blood streams within seconds. Sugar addiction is real and many of us are sufferers.

paleo diet

The Paleo Diet Craze


Followers of the Paleo diet say they are shedding drastic amounts of weight and warding off illness. So what’s the secret? The secret is eating like our Stone Age ancestors – which is exactly what the Paleo Diet is all about.

beat season affective disorder

Beat S.A.D and Bad Moods


Not everyone feels happy during the colder months, and sometimes depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) strikes. Here are some natural ways to beat Seasonal Affective Disorder and bad moods.


Enhance Your Health With A Juicer


What you eat determines how you will feel because in the end you truly are what you eat. This is why we suggest you try using a juicer. With a juicer you can incorporate a range of fruits and vegetables into your diet, which have known health benefits.

flower markets

Axe Those Allergies


Spring is here and flowers are blooming. Enter pollen: your arch nemesis that leads to allergies. Here are a few natural remedies to axe those allergies this spring.