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Diet Mistakes That Prevent Weight-loss


Sometimes sneaky foods or dieting behaviours make their way into your day without you even realising they’ve got the potential to disarm your weight-loss goals. Before you reach for that ‘healthy’ smoothie, here are some diet mistakes to avoid.

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Get Slim, Go Vegan!


Could it be that this cruelty-free, eco-friendly diet can also help us achieve the body we’ve always wanted? Although it may not have been the initial motivation for the lifestyle change, many people find that it is not only their conscience that feels lighter after they have become vegan.


Vegetarian Fitness


If you’re a vegetarian/vegan and gym enthusiast, you might worry that the combination doesn’t work. Are you really getting enough protein to build muscle? It’s easier than you think to build muscle and get fit if you’re not a meat eater.


Being naturally thin – like a Real Housewife


If you’re an avid reality TV fan, you have probably seen all the Real Housewives spin-offs such as the Real Housewives of Washington DC, Orange County, New Jersey and New York, among others. One of the popular women of the Real Housewives of New York, Bethenny Frankel, wrote a book about being “natu


What happens during a SCIO body scan?


When you start to talk about “energy medicine”, people raise their eyebrows – holding crystals and burning incense comes to mind. Carte Blanche’s recent coverage of the bogus DiaScan machine (and the dodgy consultants who are passing themselves off as medical experts) also cast a new light on the pr


Drinking amongst young professionals


When you hear the term “binge drinking”, you usually picture a scene out of X-Factor with a bunch of college students doing keg stands, body shots and poking holes into beer cans and sucking out the beer (while being sprayed in the face with foam).


New Canderel Yellow- ideal for baking


Recently I got to attend a Canderel Blogger Cook-off held at Jenny Morris´s CooksPlayGround with a couple of other local foodie bloggers and their partners. Each team was given a station with a gas oven and the necessary ingredients. The purpose of the event was to highlight Canderel´s latest range,

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The myth of the fat burning zone


Does this sound familiar: you regularly do cardio classes at the gym – you katabox, step and zumba, work up a sweat and go home. You spend hours on the elliptical glider – you’re not really sweating, but you’re exercising, so you should be losing weight, right? Not necessarily.A lot of us ladies foc