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5 Great Natural Skin Products for Winter


Winter has arrived, bringing with it many skin concerns. Ensure you make the most of this season by using the following natural products, all available from local health stores.Rooibos Face Day Cream with Sun Protect by African ExtractsMoisturising is a big part of helping skin to survive winter, as

Eye catching make-up trends for Winter


Don’t be afraid to be bold this winter. Arm yourself against the cold with these dazzling winter makeup ideas. Rainbow lines Eye liner is always going to be a makeup staple whatever the season because it shows off your eye shape and finishes off your makeup look, but don’t limit yourself to boring b


How to choose the right skincare for your skin type


You’ve chosen skincare with natural, healthy ingredients but you’re still not achieving the results you wanted. Perhaps the problem is that you have not taken your skin type into consideration. When shopping for skincare, give some thought to your skin type and choose products that will work with wh

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Natural body products – paranoia or common sense?


With the recent trend towards more ‘green’ and ‘natural’, certain ingredients in commercial body products have been under scrutiny. But when it comes to what we put on our skin, can we ever be too careful?Natural vs chemical Although there is an on-going debate between those suspicious of the comme


Green skin solutions


You’ve got to put your best face forward! There’s no love in skin problems, such as acne or early wrinkles. Forget reaching for those conventional brands out there that might pose chemical dangers.

Get a fresh makeup look


Words by Giulia SimoloIf you’re always buying the same shade of lipstick and wearing the same eye shadow, don’t you think it’s time to brighten up your look and try something different? Luckily for you, eco-friendly makeup will freshen your look without the added chemicals. Brush up your technique

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Savvy skincare


Organic skincare is the way to go but that doesn’t mean you can blindly and confidently purchase green beauty products that catch your eye. There are some things to bear in mind when shopping for eco goodies. Check the ingredients Just because you’re buying an organic pr

Revolutionise your make-up box


Written by: Giulia SimoloEco-friendly makeup has been gaining popularity for some time, and there’s no doubting why – we all want to ensure that what we’re putting on our faces does no harm to our health. But we also want to look good and stay ahead of the latest cosmetic trends, so it’s good to kno