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MAC Cosmetics is No Longer Cruelty-Free


Actress and model Pamela Anderson wants MAC Cosmetics to clean up their act. The former Viva Glam spokesmodel is calling out the beauty retailer in a plea to reinstate their cruelty-free policy, which was abandoned to sell cosmetics in China.


LUSH Fools Fur Advocates: #MakeFurHistory


Cruelty-free cosmetic company LUSH knows that the fashion industry’s obsession with fur is heightened as colder months creep up upon our Northern neighbours, so the ethical retailer has launched a new campaign called #MakeFurHistory.

Stem Cells used for Skincare?


Stem cells have been praised by medical researchers who study their ability to regenerate and form almost any type of cell in the body. This can be beneficial in the treatment of various chronic diseases. Now, stem cells are also appearing in skincare products.