How to choose the right skincare for your skin type


You’ve chosen skincare with natural, healthy ingredients but you’re still not achieving the results you wanted. Perhaps the problem is that you have not taken your skin type into consideration. When shopping for skincare, give some thought to your skin type and choose products that will work with wh


KimaKai Skin & Body Wellness


I recently got to try out KimaKai Skin & Body Wellness in Cape Town. KimaKai is a new venture, founded by the lovely Anna Maroudas Viljoen. With many years of experience in the beauty scene locally and abroad, Anna chose to apply her skills of the trade and open up her own treatment centre late


Common eco beauty mistakes


Your makeup bag is overflowing with natural gems, but are you sure you’re not committing eco mistakes? When getting your green on, there is more to consider than what ingredients are in that fresh new lipstick.

Esse products

Natural body products – paranoia or common sense?


With the recent trend towards more ‘green’ and ‘natural’, certain ingredients in commercial body products have been under scrutiny. But when it comes to what we put on our skin, can we ever be too careful?Natural vs chemical Although there is an on-going debate between those suspicious of the comme


Bellabaci treatment at Suntra Spa


The cupping therapy technique, popular amongst celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, originated in China 3 500 years ago and was used to open the 5 meridians on the back to allow the ‘Chi’ (life energy) to flow more freely.

The Meadowsweet range

Meadowsweet´s body product developer on natural beauty


Local natural beauty expert and Meadowsweet body product developer Elma Rivera tells us about her approach What do you make of the latest trends being that of more towards ‘green’?It is great to see the world and its people awakening to what we need to do to look after ourselves, our children and ou


Safety First!


Now this is a hero product for me as I am a slight germ-o-phob! Plus living with three big dogs I am forever getting my hands dirty and am not always near soap and a basin.


Youth in a bottle


Nutriganics new Drops of Youth (R195) works to enhance surface skin cell renewal, with the technology from plant cells, leaving skin looking smoother and feeling softer.