Nikki Seegers

Nikki Seegers is the founder and editor of Live Eco. After working corporate for a few years Nikki decided to live out her passion for fashion, the environment and online and realize her dream of owning her own business, by starting Live Eco in 2008.

Olivia Fragale

Olivia Fragale is a recent Environmental Graduate from The University of Vermont who just moved to Cape Town. Her passion is in Sustainable Education and believes behavioural change is possible and fun.

Rachel Briant

Rachel Briant

Rachel Briant has always enjoyed jotting down notes and this word nerd habit has now become a career – as a young, freelance journalist she writes on a variety of topics for a number of Cape Town publications.

adrienne brookbanks

Adrienne Brookbanks

Adrienne is a writer, Twitter lover and regular contributor at Live Eco. Adrienne is passionate about sustainability issues, climate change and loves a good debate.

Rob Wild Run[1]

Rob Peters

An aspiring author, part-time runner and full-time dad, Rob Peters is a sports/lifestyle journalist working out of Cape Town, and while he may not have all the answers, he is doing his very best to find them.