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michael fassbender golden globes

Michael Fassbender Wears “Green” Tom Ford Suit at 2016 Golden Globes


Michael Fassbender, the German-Irish actor, who snagged a Best Actor nomination for his role in Steve Jobs, arrived at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards on Sunday wearing a black grain de poudre tuxedo designed exclusively by Tom Ford for the Green Carpet Challenge, an initiative co-founded by Eco-Age creative director Livia Firth to raise the profile of sustainable fashion on the red carpet.

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Eco Fashion Trends to Watch Out for this Summer


The textile and fashion industry is often in the news due to the unsustainable, quick and cheap way they produce garments. Luckily, there are many eco conscious designers and brands who are turning away from sweatshop labour and carbon intensive production methods. An increasing number of prominent designers, politicians and business owners are looking into the business practices of their suppliers, which is a big leap in the right direction for the industry.