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hemp eyewear

Sunglasses Made from Hemp

Introducing Hemp Eyewear, sunglasses made from a hemp fibre composite, designed and manufactured by Sam Whitten. ‘Research into hemp and its possible applications led to the discovery of hemp and flax fibre composite sheet material which are impregnated with an eco friendly binder,’ said Whitten.


“Raw for the Oceans” – Recycled Plastic Line Unveiled by Pharrell & G-Star Raw

All eyes on “Raw for the Oceans”. Earlier this year we told you about the collaborative effort between Dutch label G-Star Raw, musican Pharrell Williams’s Bionic Yarn eco-textile firm, and the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s Project Vortex, the fashion capsule is the first denim-based one to incorporate fibers derived from salvaged ocean plastic.

greenpeace detox 2020

Adidas Back Onside with Greenpeace Detox 2020 Plans

Adidas is returning onside with it’s Greenpeace Detox Plan. Two weeks after the FIFA World Cup sponsor received a a red card from Greenpeace for lagging behind on its commitments toward creating a toxic-free supply chain, the sportswear giant announced last Wednesday key milestones that will steer its efforts back on course.