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Michael Fassbender Wears “Green” Tom Ford Suit at 2016 Golden Globes


Michael Fassbender, the German-Irish actor, who snagged a Best Actor nomination for his role in Steve Jobs, arrived at the 73rd Golden Globe Awards on Sunday wearing a black grain de poudre tuxedo designed exclusively by Tom Ford for the Green Carpet Challenge, an initiative co-founded by Eco-Age creative director Livia Firth to raise the profile of sustainable fashion on the red carpet.


Are Flip-Flops Dangerous?


You slip them on and enjoy their practical and beautiful simplicity when you’re running around town or heading to the beach. Flip-flops are a wardrobe staple and let’s be honest: they go with so many clothing choices in the summer. But are they good for your health? Here are some things you need to know about flip-flops and how to wear them safely.

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How Fast Fashion is Dirty for the Environment


Fast fashion has been getting bad press in recent years but sometimes we know it’s bad for the environment without understanding in what ways. It’s crazy to think that the fashion industry is the second largest reason for pollution after big oil. Here are ways it pollutes the earth and why you shouldn’t put it in your basket the next time you’re clothes shopping.