Adidas Introduces “Futurecraft 3D”, a Running Shoe with 3D Printed Materials


Last week sportswear giant, Adidas, unveiled the “Futurecraft 3D,” a 3D-printed, customized running-shoe midsole designed to meet the cushioning needs of an individual’s foot. Hailing it a “production breakthrough,” Adidas says the concept piece will take the running-shoe standard to the “next level” by offering a flexible carbon copy of the athlete’s foot, down to his or her exact contours and pressure points.

Levi’s Wellthread Collection Launches


Earlier this month, Levi’s announced the Fall 2015 launch of the Levi’s Wellthread™ Collection, which touts a holistic approach to sustainable product design: The line was made in 100 percent cotton for easier recyclability, by empowered workers — and includes the first garments to feature Levi’s Water

cotton slavery

Cotton Slavery in Uzbekistan explained in 2 minutes


Last week in Uzbekistan, hundreds of thousands of people, including children, were forced from their jobs and schools and into the cotton fields, where they’ll spend the next few weeks picking the crop under hot, unsanitary, and often hazardous conditions for little to no pay.