Wearable Tech

Fashion Trend: 3D Printed Shoes


Imagine the chance to have beautiful shoes that have been made by a 3D printer. It sounds like something we can expect to see in shoe closets of the future (or in The Jetsons’ home, perhaps), but it’s already happening now.

Ralph Lauren “Polo Tech” Shirt Unveiled at U.S. Open


Several of the ball boys at this year’s U.S. Open, which kicks off this week, will be trying out Ralph Lauren’s new ‘Polo Tech’, the iconic brand’s introduction into wearable technology: a black compression jersey that uses a system of discreet sensors to track its wearer’s biological and physiological profile.

undercover colors

Nail Polish that Changes Colour When Exposed to Date Rape Drugs


Could a manicure save you from a sexual assault? Four male students at North Carolina State University are attempting to put an end to date rape with a nail polish called Undercover Colors, that changes color when exposed to “drug-assisted assault” or “date rape” drugs such as gamma hydroxybutyrate and rohypnol, both of which are odorous, colorless, and can be slipped into a drink and ingested without the recipient’s knowledge