digital detox

Why You Need a Digital Detox


You check your phone hundreds of times a day, you sit in front of the computer for hours at a time, you get most of your news from Twitter or the internet, then you take a break by catching up with a friend on Facebook. Ever stopped to wonder just how much of your life goes to all things digital? It’s time for a digital detox!

fast foods

‘Healthy’ Fast Foods to Avoid


With the number of vegans increasing all over the world, more fast food restaurants are adding vegetarian/vegan foods to their menus. This can be great even if you aren’t following those lifestyles but want more nutritious fast foods when you’re in a hurry. The catch: although the foods are delicious, it doesn’t always mean they’re healthy for you.

hybrid by nature mercedes-benz SUV

Mercedes-Benz Launches New Hybrid SUV


Mercedes-Benz has announced its Fashion Campaign and Film for Spring/Summer 2016, masterminded by the legendary French fashion editor and stylist, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele (CCD) – an embodiment of urban, provocative cool. The fashion campaign has brought some of the fashion’s most inspiring and creative talents with the acme of automotive technology to present a fabulous, future-facing hybrid of style and sustainability.