Top Summer Fat Burning Foods


Losing weight requires a healthy food plan and getting regular exercise. But while you’re giving fatty foods the cold shoulder you should try sneaking some of these fat-burning foods into your diet to help you burn more calories.


Five of the Worst Food Additives to Avoid


The word ‘additive’ sounds harmless enough. It makes you think that it was just some extra and important ingredient thrown into your food at the last minute to enrich it. These days it seems that there are so many additives appearing in foods, but what do they really do? Although benign sounding, additives are often bad news. Here are some of the most important food additives to avoid the next time you go grocery shopping.

responsible tourist

How to Be a Responsible Tourist


When you’re travelling around the country or exploring the world, do you forget about your green lifestyle? Just because you’re doing things such as creating waste or notching up carbon miles on territories other than your home ground, it doesn’t mean that they don’t count! World Tourism Day is coming up on the 27th of September, so don’t forget your eco lifestyle at home when leaving on a jet plane. Here is how to be a responsible tourist.


Host the Perfect Banting Braai


At this point in time, everyone knows what banting is and has at least one friend who follows the Tim Noakes’ diet religiously. Luckily, meat is on the green (go!) list so most of the meat that you will serve at your braai is A-OK among banters. The difficulty is preparing desserts and side dishes that don’t include carbohydrates or sugar. Here are a few suggestions:

spring superfoods

Five Spring Energy Superfoods


Just because the weather is warmer, it doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed of instantly feeling energetic. If it feels like you’re still carrying the hibernation desire of winter, here are five superfoods to boost your energy and give you that spring feeling.

spring cleaning tips

Spring Cleaning Tips to Spruce Your Home in a Weekend


When the weather gets warmer, you pack away your winter woollen items and will probably feel tempted to do some spring cleaning. The problem is that sometimes this can feel overwhelming or you might start the task and then lose energy halfway in. To prevent it from being a time-, and energy-, consuming project, here are some spring-cleaning hacks to help you refresh your home in a weekend.