How to Be a Boho Chic Bride


If you want to do something a little less traditional for your wedding with creativity thrown in, consider choosing a bohemian chic style for your big day. This look is one of the bridal trends for 2015, so jump on board if you want something different. Here is how to make yourself glamorous boho chic bride.


Slay Stress with these Antioxidant Foods


It’s a known fact that stress levels can soar over the festive season, but what you eat can help keep your immunity strong so that you can actually have fun – isn’t that what the holidays are supposed to be about, after all? Antioxidants in food can help keep stress at bay. Here’s how to add them into your diet to feel good.

eco-friendly travel

The Most Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel on Holiday


You might make sure not to notch up lots of carbon miles on your way to and from your holiday destination, such as by making flying as eco-friendly as possible, but what about when you’re soaking up the new sights and wanting to explore as much as you can in a new country? Here are some eco-friendly travel tips to minimise your travel footprint.

eco friendly stocking stuffers

Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers for Christmas


Christmas stockings are always a great add-on to any Christmas day celebrations. The challenge is usually finding enough gifts (after all, more people want to include at least two or three gifts in a Christmas sock so that it’s a festive goodie bag) and balancing the cost so that it’s not too expensive. Here are a few eco friendly stocking stuffers to include in your Christmas stockings this year: