toxic foods

Stop Eating These Emotionally Toxic Foods!

You’ve heard about superfoods that boost your brain power and refuel your energy, right? Well, on the other side of the coin are foods that can actually be bad for your brain or emotional wellbeing. Here are five emotionally toxic foods to cut from your diet.

wedding gown

Turn Your Wedding Gown into Compost

Your big day comes around once and then your wedding dress gets packed away in your wardrobe where you might look at it every now and then with fond memories. But imagine if that gorgeous dress could end up doing something great for the planet after you’ve danced up a storm in it?

food markets gauteng

Food Markets in Gauteng

Food markets are the new flea markets. A few years ago, people would gladly spend their Sundays browsing through antiques, cell phone covers and clothes. Today, we’re all about finding the best craft beer, gourmet food and interesting ingredients. Here are a few food markets that you can check out in Gauteng:


Meet Kañiwa, the New Superfood

We live in the superfood age, with new and nutritious foods constantly waving for our attention because they are said to improve our health. One of the latest foods in the superfood spotlight is the exotic-sounding kañiwa.


How to make…Gluehwein!

There are a few great things about winter. Besides lovely jackets, scarves and boots – you get to snuggle under the covers and watch TV or stay indoors in front of a fireplace. Not only do the cooler winter months greatly reduce the feeling of fomo (because ‘going out’ sounds like a great idea until you realise you have to actually get dressed and leave your warm house)