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Brad Pitt Builds Eco Homes for Hurricane Survivors


The Make It Right charity, founded by actor Brad Pitt, recently teamed up with other non-profit organizations for a friendly competition: namely, to see who could design the best affordable and storm-resistant eco homes to continue rebuilding hurricane-ravaged Queens.

eco friendly easter ideas

Eco Friendly Easter Ideas {plus Free Printable}


Easter is almost upon us so we thought we’d share with you a few eco friendly Easter tips including ideas on how to decorate the table for your Easter spread this weekend as well as eco friendly, creative ways for you and the little ones to decorate Easter eggs.

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Sustainable Interior Design


This years Avant Garde object competition inspired Live Eco to explore the world of sustainable interior design. All over the world new ideas are blooming to encourage eco smart household choices.

A Future Cape Town


Is Cape Town city designed in a sustainable, ‘liveable’ way? Rashiq Fataar, MD of Future Cape Town thinks we could do better, and is working hard on the how. Read about his ideas on urban design.