diy ideas for easter (8)

Easy DIY Ideas for Easter


It’s the long Easter weekend, the kids are on holiday and in South Africa, the Easter weekend usually marks the beginning of winter. So if you are stuck indoors, here are a few easy DIY ideas for Easter, most of them are simple enough you can do them with little ones too.

easter foods

Five Alternatives to Traditional Easter Foods


Maybe you follow a bit of a restrictive diet, such as veganism, and want to enjoy Easter without feeling left out. Or perhaps you just want to try a menu that’s a little different this year. Here are five traditional Easter foods and how to put a spin on them.

eco friendly easter ideas

Eco Friendly Easter Ideas {plus Free Printable}


Easter is almost upon us so we thought we’d share with you a few eco friendly Easter tips including ideas on how to decorate the table for your Easter spread this weekend as well as eco friendly, creative ways for you and the little ones to decorate Easter eggs.