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Five Low-Cal Christmas Recipe Ideas


The foods you enjoy over the festive season are known for being delicious and fattening, which is why you might dust off your gym membership once the holidays are over. But festive foods don’t have to be high in calories. Here are five tasty and healthy Christmas recipe ideas to try.

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How to Buy Less Over the Festive Season


You probably accumulate a lot of stuff over the festive season but also buy a lot in the form of gifts for friends, co-workers, family, yourself, the home, extras for the kids, and so on. It adds up to a lot! But what happens to all that you buy once the season ends? It all becomes clutter, waste and debt.

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Five Green Ways to Beat Holiday Stress


The holidays can be a stressful time but you don’t have to let those feelings wreak havoc on your body. There are some simple yet effective green ways to deal with difficulties this holiday season. So when you feel yourself getting agitated, try these on for size.

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Eco Friendly Stocking Stuffers for Christmas


Christmas stockings are always a great add-on to any Christmas day celebrations. The challenge is usually finding enough gifts (after all, more people want to include at least two or three gifts in a Christmas sock so that it’s a festive goodie bag) and balancing the cost so that it’s not too expensive. Here are a few eco friendly stocking stuffers to include in your Christmas stockings this year:


How to make…Gluehwein!


There are a few great things about winter. Besides lovely jackets, scarves and boots – you get to snuggle under the covers and watch TV or stay indoors in front of a fireplace. Not only do the cooler winter months greatly reduce the feeling of fomo (because ‘going out’ sounds like a great idea until you realise you have to actually get dressed and leave your warm house)

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Eco-friendly Christmas Decor Ideas


This year I have channeled my inner Martha Stewart in me and have tried to craft as many Christmas decorations as possible. Not only is this a creative outlet and something you can do with the girls over a glass of wine but it’s eco-friendly too!