Eco Christmas Guide


Have a Merry Eco Christmas


Chances are you’ll be spending Christmas with your family or friends, and perhaps this will involve a big lunch or get together. Here’s how to make your celebration as eco-friendly as possible.


Green your Christmas party


Putting a recycle sign on a blue bin and hoping people recycle at your Christmas party might earn you brownie points – but it doesn’t make your party “green”. While there are quite a few guides on how you can green your party, most of us don’t want to bend over backwards


Green cocktails


Organic cocktails aren’t too big in South Africa (yet), but international bars and restaurants are stocking up on a wide range of environmentally friendly cocktails like sustainable sangrias, cocktails mixed with organic wine and back-to-basics margaritas.Spirits and whis

Gifts: To Recycle or Not?


Words by Giulia Simolo You can’t stand the sight of the green vase your friend gave you for Christmas, even though you pulled off an Academy Award winning performance when you opened it in front of her. But now you’re left with a horrid gift that you really don’t want to decorate your house with. Th