Eco Wedding Guide

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Wedding Planning Survival Guide


Hosting a wedding is no mean feat, and stress is the biggest enemy to enjoying a day that is supposed to be perfect and memorable. Here Live Eco talks to local experts who give their best advice for this special time.

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Ethical Wedding Rings


Nothing says wedding more than the ring, which makes it all the more important to make sure you are purchasing a product that was produced in both a ethical – and eco-friendly manner.

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Would You Propose to Your Boyfriend?


You love your guy and he loves you. He just hasn’t popped the question yet. You can’t help but feel yourself growing impatient, but perhaps giving him an ultimatum isn’t your style. The other option is to take matters into your own hands and ask him for his hand in marriage.

eco-friendly wedding favours

Eco-friendly Wedding Favours


As I got engaged recently and am now well in the groove of eco wedding planning, I will be updating this section regularly with tips and ideas on how to plan your big green day! Here are a couple of ideas I have come across.

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Eco Wedding Planning


Eco wedding season in South Africa is here and there is plenty of planning and fun to be had. From purchasing the magical dress, to choosing the food, and designing the invitations wedding planning can be overwhelming.

Bottled Sunshine


I recently received my very own uber chic Solar Jar from Consol and I´m finding so many uses for it! The Solar Jar harnesses the power of the sun to provide a lovely warm glow that lasts up to six hours.

How to have an Eco Wedding


Eco-friendly weddings are getting a makeover: they are no longer seen as cheap or unglamorous. Nowadays, a green wedding is synonymous with creativity, uniqueness and beautiful sentimentality. Here’s how to make your big day green and glam! Green gowns On your wedding d

Eco-friendly hen party gifts


Written by: Giulia Simolo Eco-friendly gifts really do keep on giving. Spoil your best mate on her kitchen tea with some gorgeous gifts that are not only fun but also good for the planet and her health. Here are some great ideas she’ll love and enjoy with her partner. Made for memories With your f

My Big Fat Green Wedding


Article by: Nicole Canning With Valentine´s Day behind us, but with love still in the air, February is a perfectly suitable month for popping the question. So, if you´ve just “said yes” – congratulations! Here´s to planning a wedding day that´s fabulous in every way, and eco-friendly too…An “eco”