New Canderel Yellow- ideal for baking


Recently I got to attend a Canderel Blogger Cook-off held at Jenny Morris´s CooksPlayGround with a couple of other local foodie bloggers and their partners. Each team was given a station with a gas oven and the necessary ingredients. The purpose of the event was to highlight Canderel´s latest range,


Valentine’s Day macarons


Instead of buying teddy bears and cards, make your own Valentine’s Day macarons this year. You can’t go wrong with macarons – it’s the new cupcake. Besides the sudden popularity of this baked good, everyone knows that a personalised, thoughtful, homemade Valentine’s Day gift is much better than buyi


Green cocktails


Organic cocktails aren’t too big in South Africa (yet), but international bars and restaurants are stocking up on a wide range of environmentally friendly cocktails like sustainable sangrias, cocktails mixed with organic wine and back-to-basics margaritas.Spirits and whis


Transforming SA´s wine industry


Solms-Delta wine farm, near the village of Franschhoek in the Cape Winelands Region, is leading transformation in the wine industry through its farmworker empowerment programmes.Its approach to nation-building, transformation and development of farmworkers and their fami

Diet the eco-friendly way


Written by: Giulia Simolo “An apple a day keeps the fat away!” With the attention greener eating habits have been achieving lately, it was only a matter of time before eco-friendly diets would become a trend. But what exactly is the eco-friendly diet and can it really be beneficial to weight loss? R

Reduce your food mileage


Written by: Giulia SimoloYou’ve definitely heard some tips to reduce your carbon footprint, but spare a thought for lowering your food mileage. What does this mean and how can you achieve it? Read on to find out why it’s so important for the environment. “Food miles” refers to the distance food is t

Love your greens


Written by: Giulia SimoloVegetarianism is a lifestyle change that can help improve your health, but it’s also a moral issue. Some people who cut meat from their diet feel better about themselves. If you’re thinking about becoming a vegetarian, the environment is happy, too. Here are some benefits of