Slay Stress with these Antioxidant Foods


It’s a known fact that stress levels can soar over the festive season, but what you eat can help keep your immunity strong so that you can actually have fun – isn’t that what the holidays are supposed to be about, after all? Antioxidants in food can help keep stress at bay. Here’s how to add them into your diet to feel good.


Foods that Zap Allergies


Medicine is not your only ammunition against allergies during the summer months. What you eat can play an important role, so make sure you stock up on these foods. Here’s why they’re so good for you.


Top Water-Rich Foods to Eat in Summer


When the heat turns up a notch, you want to ensure you stay hydrated. Drinking water is a must, but you can increase your water intake by reaching for foods that are packed with H2O. Here are some of the hottest – or coolest! – water-rich foods that make a splash.