eco-friendly foods

Five of the Most Eco-Friendly Foods in the World


You try to eat healthy but do you ever look at your plate and wonder how your food reached you? Did it notch up carbon emissions on its way? Were chemical fertilisers used during its farming process? Don’t cook up guilt as your side dish! Here are some of the most eco-friendly foods that also happen to be good for you.

paleo diet for kids

Is the Paleo Diet Safe for Kids?


Many people are switching to the Paleo diet and those who have made the switch are convinced that eating more like our ancestors (or even more like our grandparents) boosts energy, helps curb cravings and keeps your weight stable. A question that people keep asking, however, is whether it’s safe for kids or even babies?

Truth Coffee Now Roasting on Biofuel


On Tuesday, Truth Coffee announced that they are the first coffee roastery in Africa, and probably the world, to roast on 100% biofuel. While the world renowned coffee house is founded on the principles of flavour and the pursuit of quality and excellence, one of their key principles is also to do the right thing.

food waste

An App to Reduce Food Waste


Americans waste up to 30 to 40 percent of food, an excess of up to $165 billion a year, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Which is why a New York app developer is launching an app to help restaurants and grocery stores combat food waste by finding customers who might pay for discounted food before it’s thrown away.

toxic foods

Stop Eating These Emotionally Toxic Foods!


You’ve heard about superfoods that boost your brain power and refuel your energy, right? Well, on the other side of the coin are foods that can actually be bad for your brain or emotional wellbeing. Here are five emotionally toxic foods to cut from your diet.