lose weight with food

Lose Weight with Foods That Kill Calories


If you indulged over the festive season, losing weight might be on your list of New Year’s resolutions. But don’t think you need to go on an extreme diet in order to peel off the pounds. You just have to eat the right things. Here are some fat-burning super foods.

Vegetarian Christmas Dishes


It’s the season of many meat dishes and turkey usually plays a big role in what people are looking forward to eating at Christmas. Phew, as a vegetarian you might feel a little like an outsider. But don’t despair. Vegetarian dishes need not be boring. Here are some yummy ones to enjoy.

consol grip & go smoothie

Consol Grip & Go


Have you seen Consol’s latest product now on shelf, the Consol Grip & Go? The 500ml glass bottle from Consol comes in funky colours and is perfect for every day use.

energy food

Eat More Energy!


Our lifestyles usually result in us feeling drained. Think long hours at the office or in traffic, plus other demands life throws at us on a daily basis. It’s no wonder you might hit a slump or feel like a zombie. Here are some foods to perk you up.

fairtrade olives

Fairtrade Organic Green Olives now available in SA


In addition to the range of African Fairtrade products already available in local stores, South Africans can now purchase Fairtrade organic green olives from Palestine. The olives are imported and distributed in South Africa by Zaytoun, which was founded in 2004 to work with Palestinian farmers who had lost their olive and olive oil exports since the intifada.

A Better Meat Industry?


The meat debate has been around for as long as anyone can remember. But while some choose to go vegetarian or vegan, local activist Tozie Zokufa has dedicated his days to promoting a more ethical model for the meat industry.