eco friendly easter ideas

Eco Friendly Easter Ideas {plus Free Printable}


Easter is almost upon us so we thought we’d share with you a few eco friendly Easter tips including ideas on how to decorate the table for your Easter spread this weekend as well as eco friendly, creative ways for you and the little ones to decorate Easter eggs.

adopt a pet

Adopt a Pet, Don’t Buy


Pets can be great companions, but if you are wanting a furry friend it is considered more ethical to adopt a pet than to buy, especially in a country in South Africa where there are plenty adorable cat and dogs in need of good homes.

eco-friendly flowers

How Eco-friendly are Your Flowers?


Flowers look pretty and they always make us smile when we receive them on special occasions like on Valentine’s Day. You might think they rank high on the eco-friendly stakes, but there are some eco-friendly no-nos that fresh flowers commit.


Spindel: A new laundry drying alternative


One of my New Year Resolutions is to cut down household our electricity usage drastically. With the rising cost of electricity in SA, using the tumble dryer in our house is a luxury only to be used in an emergency and mainly only for sheets and towels in winter.