new years resolutions

Feel Great with these New Year Resolutions


‘You can’t change who you are but you can work on how you are,’ believes Judy Klipin, Master Life Coach and the author of Life Lessons for the Adult Child. She suggests that rather than creating New Year resolutions for 2013, try setting intentions.

Sticky Notes A Recycling Friend or a Foe?


Being organized in life can be fun, especially when using sticky notes. Our work and home lives are filled with brightly colored stacks of sticky notes. When it comes to sticky notes, a great friend of mine, I was saddened to hear that they are not easily recycled.

consol grip & go smoothie

Consol Grip & Go


Have you seen Consol’s latest product now on shelf, the Consol Grip & Go? The 500ml glass bottle from Consol comes in funky colours and is perfect for every day use.


SNAGs have more fun


Sensitive New Age Guys, or SNAGs, are on the up while the cowboy stereotype kind of man could soon to be a thing of the past. Here Live Eco talks to some of Cape Town’s finest SNAGs about what it’s like to be a sensitive guy in today’s world.

dish it out

Dish It Out, I Can Take It


Dish It Out is a natural, biodegradable, cruelty-free and vegan dishwashing liquid that is tough on grease and food soils. Washing the dishes is no longer a chore with Dish It Out!

green guilt

Do You Suffer From Green Guilt?


When you are not green-minded, does this make you feel guilty? You could be suffering from green guilt. The next time you feel down that you’re not doing enough, here’s how you can actually use the guilt in a green way, and feel grand!

Eco-friendly Gardening Tips


Starting your own eco-friendly garden can be a great way to grow flowers, encourage the flourishing of local blooms and do your bit for the planet. Follow these green gardening tips to score some serious flower power this spring.

soy candles

Eco Product Trend: Soy Wax Candles


Traditional paraffin candles are not very eco-chic, as they are derived from the world’s dwindling stock of fossil fuels and release toxic chemicals when burned. But there is a new type of candle on the market even the vegans will love…