The Souping Food Trend


Juicing is fun and healthy but sometimes it can feel a little out of place in winter when you want to curl up with something warm and nourishing to eat. That’s where the souping trend comes in.

eco new year resolutions

Eco Resolutions for the New Year


Any long-term habit stems from an idea, the decision to implement the idea and the commitment to make it an ongoing routine. The New Year is the perfect time to reassess your sustainability habits and find out where you can make improvements. Here are a few eco resolutions to consider adding to your action plan:

how to have a beach-vacation-with-kids

How to Have a Great Beach Vacation with the Kids


Beaches call to mind relaxation time, sun, sand and beautiful views. But if you’re on vacation with your kids, you’ll know that they won’t be satisfied by lying in the sun with an e-book all day. Here are some fun and safe beach activities for kids that will make everyone’s holiday more enjoyable.

christmas recipes

Five Low-Cal Christmas Recipe Ideas


The foods you enjoy over the festive season are known for being delicious and fattening, which is why you might dust off your gym membership once the holidays are over. But festive foods don’t have to be high in calories. Here are five tasty and healthy Christmas recipe ideas to try.

beauty boosting foods

Foods that Boost Your Summer Beauty


You want gorgeous skin and hair, but it’s not just the products you use that can achieve this. Your food choices play a big role in making you look your best. One of your New Year’s Resolutions should be to add more of these beauty-boosting foods to your diet so that you can say hello to brighter skin and thicker hair.