how to have a beach-vacation-with-kids

How to Have a Great Beach Vacation with the Kids


Beaches call to mind relaxation time, sun, sand and beautiful views. But if you’re on vacation with your kids, you’ll know that they won’t be satisfied by lying in the sun with an e-book all day. Here are some fun and safe beach activities for kids that will make everyone’s holiday more enjoyable.

eco-friendly parenting tips

How to Make Your Teen Go Green


If your teen rolls his or her eyes every time you remind them to be sustainable and kind to the planet, you might need to come up with new angles to inspire them to go green. This Youth Day, focus on a get-green plan for your teens.

weight gain during pregnancy

Avoid Excess Weight Gain During Pregnancy


It’s important to eat lots of nutritious foods during your pregnancy to nourish yourself and your baby. But the whole ‘eating for two’ mantra needs a makeover as pregnancy shouldn’t be an all-you-can eat time. In fact, putting on too much weight can be risky.

paleo diet for kids

Is the Paleo Diet Safe for Kids?


Many people are switching to the Paleo diet and those who have made the switch are convinced that eating more like our ancestors (or even more like our grandparents) boosts energy, helps curb cravings and keeps your weight stable. A question that people keep asking, however, is whether it’s safe for kids or even babies?

Upcycled Halloween Costume Ideas


Do you do Halloween? Maybe you don’t but your kids still want to join in on this year’s Halloween costume fun. Here are a few upcycled Halloween costume and decor ideas for you to try out this Halloween.