Is Having a Baby Eco-Friendly?


The choice of whether or not to have a baby is not an easy one, but is it eco-friendly? There are many factors to consider, such as why you want to bring a life into the world, if you can afford it as well as how much children will affect the planet from an eco-conscious point of view.

eco friendly contraception

Eco Friendly Contraception


You might not think your contraception is negatively impacting the environment, but there are hazards that it could be placing on the planet. Here are some alternatives to a more eco friendly contraception.

Eco glam to eco nappies: Jessica Alba


Words by Giulia SimoloWe are so used to celebrities bursting out with the latest glamorous fashion labels – and it seems that one is doing so in-between blinks! – so we don’t usually expect that a celebrity is going to launch something more modest with fewer frills. Glamorous Jessica Alba has done j

Go Green Baby!


Words by Giulia Simolo Planning an eco baby shower for your friend is a great way to be kind to the environment and ensure that even before her baby is born he or she is welcomed into the world with a smile.

Green tips for moms


Written by: Adrienne BrookbanksEco-minded women with families are often the target of every new so-called ‘green baby’ venture. Studies suggest that approximately 70% of parents become more interested in environmental issues after they’ve had their first child, creating a compelling reason for busin