responsible tourist

How to Be a Responsible Tourist


When you’re travelling around the country or exploring the world, do you forget about your green lifestyle? Just because you’re doing things such as creating waste or notching up carbon miles on territories other than your home ground, it doesn’t mean that they don’t count! World Tourism Day is coming up on the 27th of September, so don’t forget your eco lifestyle at home when leaving on a jet plane. Here is how to be a responsible tourist.

eco-friendly travel

The Most Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel on Holiday


You might make sure not to notch up lots of carbon miles on your way to and from your holiday destination, such as by making flying as eco-friendly as possible, but what about when you’re soaking up the new sights and wanting to explore as much as you can in a new country? Here are some eco-friendly travel tips to minimise your travel footprint.