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At Lunar we continuously work with fabrics and design that have the least harmful impact on the planet, at the same time we also love the feel, look and character of linen, hemp, silk, bamboo, organic cottons, wool – they allow us to create designs that are classic and simple.

Since its inception Lunar has been sensitive to environmental concerns, making use wherever possible of natural fibers and pigment dyes. “Each collection reflects the brand’s essential design philosophy of bringing nature to life in designer wear” says owner and creative director, Paul Harris.

Designer Dominique Gatland, seamlessly extends the brand’s existing philosophies to include the rediscovery and reinvention of earlier styles. Her fresh approach is evident from the inspiration used to create exceptionally strong, clean-lined and very wearable clothing, with a wonderful couture twist.

Bridalwear has also been a significant part of Lunar since it was founded in the mid 1990’s by Karen Ter Morshuizen. Today’s couture and ready-to-wear bridal is headed by bridal designer Elizna Smith, who successfully continues the true essence of Lunar Brides.

Moving ahead Lunar aspires to expand in the global market where it can reach a larger audience with its message of sustainability, creativity, and clothing that is classical, wearable and nature-inspired, and so continue to contribute, educate and inspire those it touches.



Lunar is a South African clothing and lifestyle brand that is sensitive to environmental concerns and has been working at educating the South African consumer for over a decade.

The principles of organic options, responsible business practices and the preservation of nature have always been high on their list of priorities. They do not profess to be experts or purists in this regard but rather responsible designers leading the movement in South Africa.

It has taken a long time, but finally being green has become a powerful tool that can be used to glamorize eco options.

The people who wear Lunar are individuals, people who know what they want and what is important to them, they are not particularly interested in trends. Our customers tend to be creative- architectural, interior, graphic or industrial designers, or professional people that have an appreciation for creativity. That said we can also appeal to a slightly more conservative market.

Our designs are functional, timeless and ageless but not boring, therefore they appeal to no specific target market, just to a discerning customer.

A very big part of our business in SA is in “alternative” options for bridal wear. We offer wedding gowns in everything from organic cotton to recycled lace.

We specialize in ladies-wear but also have a small collection of men’s, children’s and lifestyle pieces.

Currently Lunar is available through our own store in Johannesburg and a few select stores nationally but we have individual customers all over the world.

Lunar also stocks recycled paper made from our own natural fabric off cuts.

Press contact:  tel: +27 11 726 5558

Buyers contact: Paul Harris  tel: + 27 11 726 5558




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