Climate Change


Can Seaweed Save Marine Life?


You eat it in your favourite sushi or get annoyed when your feet become tangled in it during a dive. But you probably don’t realise just how beneficial seaweed can be for the oceans. It might just become the oceans’ saving grace.

climate change polar bears

Does This Mean the End of Polar Bears?


Polar bears are being forced to come up with different ways to find food due to how the ice is melting. This has led them to head onshore, but just because they’re eating whatever they can find on land, does it mean they can survive and thwart the doomsday consequences of global warming?

eco-friendly structures paris

Eco-friendly Structures to Make Paris More Sustainable


Greenhouse gas emissions are exacerbated by an increase in population numbers, with more cities becoming hotter and more polluted. Paris is set to tackle the situation within its walls with eco-friendly towers and structures that are going to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by up to 75 per cent by the year 2050.