Climate Change


Easy Way To Back Renewable Energy


Nedbank has developed a new investment product for green-minded South Africans who want to take responsibility for their financial security, but also make a contribution towards protecting the environment. The dual-purpose Green Savings Bond, a first for the country, encourages people to save more, and at the same time participate in funding renewable energy products in the country.


Sanral unveils green head office


The South African National Roads Agency Limited´s (Sanral) may be in the news for reasons many residents of Gauteng province would rather forget, but staff at the parastal´s head office in the capital city of Pretoria have reason to celebrate.The head office – on Schoeman Street – has been given a G


How to Live off the Grid


Not only does living off the grid make you more independent and reduce the size of your carbon footprint, but it can also be much cheaper for you in the long run!If you think about it, we are dependent on public services in so many ways: everything from the removal of our waste – toilet and kitchen

Making sense of climate change


While climate change has recently become a new buzz word, many are still left wanting when it comes to understanding the magnitude of the phenomenon. A new, free app for iPhones and iPads called Just Science, aims to change this.

CES Goes Green in 2012


The Consumer Electronic Show was recently launched in Las Vegas and the exhibition has embraced a new green philosophy. CES is the largest gadget tradeshow in the world and it is featuring a number of environmentally friendly electronics. Building on its award in 2009 for North America’s Greenest Sh


COP17: what´s possible, what´s not


The current COP17 negotiations in Durban are unlikely to achieve a new binding international commitment to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but it should help map out the long-term transition to a low-carbon world.


COP17 starts in Durban


The much-anticipated COP17 climate change conference, considered one of the world´s most important events, got underway in Durban in KwaZulu-Natal province this week.